Precision Marshall introduces 5 new product grades to its already extensive product line of Ground Flat Stock and Drill Rod


PreMar 410 Stainless Steel ground flat stock is a basic 12%-chromium, martensitic stainless steel that exhibits good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. PreMar 410 stainless steel also exhibits good resistance to oxidation for continuous service temperatures up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit (704 degrees Centigrade) and intermittent service up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit (816 degrees Centigrade). This grade can be heat treated to a range of hardness and toughness levels for use in a variety of applications. Now available in standard tolerances sizes 1/16” through 1-1/2” thicknesses by 24” lengths.*

Ruetom Special 420 Stainless Steel ground flat stock is a martensitic stainless steel that exhibits an attainable hardness of approximately 55 HRC and good wear resistance. Ruetom Special 420 stainless steel should be considered for applications such as specialty knives, industrial knives, cutlery, rolls, plastic extrusion tooling, scissors, surgical knives, bearings, and other applications that require a combination of corrosion resistance and wear resistance.
Now available in oversize tolerances sizes ¼” through 1-1/2” thicknesses by 24” lengths.*

PreMar 440C Stainless Knife Steel ground flat stock is a high-carbon martensitic stainless steel which exhibits an attainable hardness of approximately 60 HRC. The high carbon content results in a hard matrix and numerous chromium carbides in the microstructure, which in turn provide excellent wear resistance and retention of cutting edges. PreMar 440C stainless knife steel should be considered for applications such as specialty knives, industrial knives, scissors, surgical knives, and other applications which require a combination of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, or edge retention. Now available in oversize tolerances sizes 1/6´through 2” thicknesses by 24” lengths.*

Firechrome 44 Prehardened (H-13) drill rod is Ready to use – Bypass costly and time consuming heat treatment. Ideal for Prototypes – Short lead time, easier engineering changes. Hardness of 42 – 46 HRC – Strength level over 150,000 psi. Cuts Downtime – Replace broken or worn tooling quickly. Eliminates size change – No movement in heat treatment. Machinable and Weldable – Use for jaws, hold-downs and fixtures. Now available in sizes .125 through 1.500 diameters by 36” lengths.

Firechrome  H-13 annealed ground flat stock is an excellent hot work tool steel, featuring a combination of shock resistance, red hardness and abrasion resistance. It is
capable of withstanding rapid cooling and resists premature heat checking.  Now available in oversize tolerances  ¼” through 1”thicknesses,  by 24” lengths.

*Special sizes available upon request.


High Speed Specialty Grades



M2 is used for general-purpose applications. Bits are manufactured from this grade for routine roughing and/or finishing operations in which conventional feeds and speeds are used. Because it is the most shock resistant of the popular high-speed steels, M2 can withstand interrupted cuts. It is one of the easiest of the high-speed steels to grind. These characteristics, plus relatively good heat and abrasion resistance, make M2 a good choice for all-around shop use on ferrous or nonferrous alloys.



M3 is used for more difficult applications. M3 offers significantly better wear resistance than M2, without sacrificing all shock resistance needed for some types of interrupted cuts. Higher alloy content provides better heat resistance than M2 but M3 is more difficult to grind. This grade is an excellent choice for machining abrasive materials such as cast or heavily scaled ferrous alloys, nonferrous metals, and plastics.


M43 (M42)

M43 (M42) is used for high-performance applications. This grade features the greatest heat resistance (red hardness) of the molybdenum type high speed grades. The cutting edges will not soften at the elevated temperatures generated by high surface speeds and light feeds. M43 (M42) can be heat treated to the highest hardness available in high-speed steel. This grade can be ground nearly as easily as M2 and is the best choice for machining stainless steels, super alloys, or other high strength heat-treated materials.



M34 is used for heavy-duty applications. M34 combines the good wear resistance and excellent heat resistance (red hardness) needed for heavy-duty cutting. In applications where tool chatter and shock loads can be avoided, M34 is ideal for hogging tough materials or for machining gummy, ductile metals.



T15 is designed for difficult applications. This grade offers the best wear resistance of all high speed steels and still has adequate toughness for a wide range of applications as long as rigid setup is used. T15 PM (Powder Metal), available in square tool bits only,  offers an improved microstructure and even better wear resistance and toughness properties. T15 has excellent red hardness but is difficult to grind. All types of metals and alloys can be machined using this grade. Common applications include those in which long runs or light cuts at high surface speeds are required.


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