The chemical composition of all Precision Marshall ground flat stock falls within ranges that are rigidly controlled and, in many cases, much tighter than those widely accepted under industry specifications. This ensures maximum predictability and consistency in service. The chemical ranges and specifications met are shown in the PDF listed below.

All Precision Marshall ground flat stock is 100% free of decarburization on all six sides and can be heat treated immediately without further metal removal. Thickness and width are horizontally ground to a maximum finish of 35 Ra.

All tool steel analyses (O-1, A-2, D-2 and S-7) are supplied in the annealed condition. Close control assures complete spheroidization throughout. The low-carbon analysis (C-1018) is supplied with pearlitic microstructure.

All Precision Marshall ground flat stock is produced from cross-rolled sheet or plate, insuring a more homogeneous structure and finer grain size than other types. Furthermore, the cross-rolling process significantly enhances toughness of the product and increases tensile strength in the transverse direction.

All ends of Precision Marshall ground flat stock are precisely cut and deburred to insure excellent yields and handling safety. Thicknesses 3/16" and up are cold-sawn, while lighter sections are sheared.

In addition, depending upon size and grade, every piece of ground flat stock is hand-straightened with a flatness aim of approximately .005" per foot, when shipped.

Download the Ground Flat Stock CHEMISTRY & SPECIFICATIONS Chart (PDF)

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