To Our Customers, the Real Boss

Precision Marshall Steel Company’s primary mission is to provide higher value in the products and services we provide than can be found from our competitors. When it comes to meeting and exceeding your service and product quality needs, our goal is not to be the best in our industry, but rather to be the best there ever has been in our industry. This is what it means to be The Deluxe Company.
We also understand that we must do those things every business day that will give you the assurance that our business is driven by your evolving requirements. We believe that our success can only be as great as the success of those we serve. And serving you better than ever is what we are constantly striving to do.

In this, our 60th business year, we have been making substantial investments in operating systems, plant facilities, equipment and personnel. The end result is to keep improving our performance so that you can keep pace with your competition. We know that we must earn your business every day, and with continuous improvement, we all succeed. Despite our longevity, our eye is on the future and not the past.

We also know that without strong relationships our business will falter. We believe that “Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do.” Part of our continuing effort is to build relationships inside and outside of our organization that are productive and will stand the stresses of a dynamic global business environment. 

Finally, we know you have many choices of supply and appreciate every time you choose us. Remember, when you deal with The Deluxe Company, you should always expect the best.  If the best is not what you get, let us know. If it is, please rely on us again!

Yours for success,

Jackson Milhollan
President and Chief Executive Officer

The Deluxe Company