Uniform machining properties and consistent response to heat treatment are obtained through careful control of chemical analysis. Identification of each production lot is carefully maintained and a certified chemical analysis can be supplied upon request.

The very high polish on Precision Marshall drill rod allows it to be utilized without the need for further expensive grinding or polishing. Because our ground and polished drill rod is guaranteed to be 100% free of decarburization, seams, laps, pits and other surface imperfections, heat treatment can confidently be undertaken without further metal removal.

Our modern annealing furnace and instrumentation produces finely-controlled microstructures that are consistent lot-to-lot. Precision Marshall drill rod has a guaranteed 90% minimum spheroidization. This, coupled with closely controlled processes, assures uniform machining and response to heat treatment.

Dimensional accuracy is very closely controlled within narrow limits. Precision Marshall drill rod is guaranteed to the limits shown in the PDF listed below. Machines can be set up for working to a certain tolerance with confidence that there will be no variation.

All ends of our ground and polished drill rod in 3/8" through 3" diameter are saw-cut and chamfered or deburred. This protects other lengths from scratching, facilitates set-ups and ensures safety in handling. Smaller diameters are accurately and precisely cut on automatic die-cutters that provide a precise clean end cut.

Download the Drill Rod CHEMISTRY & SPECIFICATIONS Chart (PDF)

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